How to Make Money Selling Handmade Cards

by Michael Archer on April 26, 2023

Making handmade cards is good fun and, if you’re good at it, it can earn you money too! It’s a simple and enjoyable way to make money, especially in the lead-up to Christmas when every little helps.
First of all, you should get started making cards for your family and friends, so you can perfect the art before you put anything up for sale. Visit UK Card Crafts to buy supplies, such as cards, pens, and decorations for the cards as they are much cheaper here. Many stores sell kits for card making which are simple to use, but you may find it’s cheaper and your cards will be more original and creative if you purchase the items separately if you have a look around our website, we have tons.

Once you’ve gained some card-making experience, then you can start planning ways to make money from your work. Christmas is the most common time for people to buy cards, but you could also consider making cards for other occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, which can be sold all year round.

Do some research into what’s already on the market, and come up with some creative card ideas which will have broad appeal and provide something different to capture the buyer’s imagination. Also look into how much cards similar to yours typically sell for and set a reasonable price.

When you’ve made your first batch of cards, you’re ready to start selling. Some of the best places to sell cards are at craft fairs and community events, so look out for these advertised in your area. If you prefer to do it all from home, you can sell cards individually or in packs online, on craft sites such as Etsy and even on eBay. Make sure to take some nice photos of the cards and write an appealing description, and you’ll soon be on your way to earning money from making cards!