General information

How To Order

To order online, you just need to click the add to cart button, which is on the item page you are interested in buying, Some products may need you to choose an option like colour, size, and qty - To choose an option click on the drop-down menu and select the option you require. When you have clicked the add to cart button you will be directed to the shopping cart which will show you all the items you have added to your cart when shopping, When you are on that page you can select different qtys and you can also remove an item from your cart by clicking the remove button. When you are on that page you can select continue shopping or you can click the Proceed to Checkout button if you have finished shopping, from this point you will need to add your information like address and other information which you will be asked for and you will be guided through the rest of the process.

Out Of Stock Products

All the items on our website are stock controlled which means that the website won't sell you items that are not in stock, But due to mail orders there is a small chance that it could happen, if it does then we will send you an email which will ask you if you want to place it on back order and we would deliver it free of charge or you can select a refund. We now have a new software that will allow you to enter your email address on the out of stock item page which will email you as soon as they arrive in stock.

Accepted Payments

We accept Credit / Debit Cards, Paypal, and payments by post which include Cheques & Postal orders.

Gift Vouchers

We don't offer gift vouchers at the moment because we have not had any requests for them, If you want vouchers for our website then contact us and we will go ahead and offer gift vouchers.

Bulk, Trade & Wholesale Prices

The prices on our website are the best we can offer, We know that our prices are very completive and the cheapest in the craft market. Members of the public can buy the same products as trade, at the same price but trade customers normally order £100's and get free postage and packaging and other discounts.

Website Login For Exisitng Customers

This login is for Existing Customers who have placed an order on this website before. New Customers DON’T Get to login until they place there first order and made a password in the checkout.