210mm x 297mm A4 Lightweight Acrylic Stamping Block
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210mm x 297mm A4 Lightweight Acrylic Stamping Block


Here we have our 210mm x 297mm A4 stamping blocks which can be used with all clear stamps. Ultra Polished for easy cleaning, stamp removal and see-through vision. Lightweight acrylic stamping blocks are thinner than basic stamping blocks. Our lightweight stamping blocks have a huge advantage in allowing you to stamp exactly where you want. This block is 210mm x 297mm A4; we have a few other sizes that we stock. This is a large stamping block which is best for setting out all your stamps for an A4 card e.g. At Christmas you may send a few cards that are the same but you need to keep mounting and un-mounting different stamps for each card like the text then the design(s). This block would solve that issue and enable you to stamp each card once with the full designs and any texts. Perfect for the bigger stamps coming on the craft market so you don't need to makeshift some way of stamping with a few smaller acrylic blocks. Mount all clear and cling stamps. Lightweight. Ultra polished. Thinner than basic stamping blocks. No adhesive needed.